“God rested them in Peace” Sacred to the memory of Nobles of the Desert of Florida who haveĀ crossed the Mystic Desert into an Oasis of rest.

HPP Kenneth Walker Kazah Temple No. 149 6-19-18
HPP Henry Simmons Rabia Temple No. 8 8-10.18
PP Norman Ventress Masud Temple No. 69 8-30-18
PP Albert Cobb Malta Temple No. 143 10-9-18
William Harry “CB” James Kazah Temple No. 149 12-1-18
PP Jeffrey Williams Kazah Temple No. 149 12-17-18
HPIP Billy D. McLamb – Deputy Emeritus Haggai Temple No. 182 12-17-18
PP Clarence Brown Malta Temple No. 143 1-19-19
Noble Corey T. Gibson, Sr. Ahmed Temple No. 37 2-6-19
PP Charles James Malta Temple No. 143 2-14-19
Noble James BulerĀ  Saba Temple No. 186 2-24-19
PP Donald Wells Rabia Temple No. 8 2-26-19