Desert of Florida

Prince Hall Shriners -


Elected & Appointed Imperial Officers

Honorable Eric Myers
Imperial Assistant Rabban

Noble Ronnie Coles
Imperial Organizer
Noble Pierre Rutledge
Imperial Convention Dept.
Noble Ronald Williams
Imperial Director of Youth
Noble André Harris
Imperial Deputy Military & Veterans Affairs Dept.
Noble Elmer Stevenson
Imperial Deputy Marshall Dept.
Noble Earl Prewitt
Imperial Deputy Transportation Dept.
Noble Freddie Whitehead
Chief Cashier Imperial Recorder Office
Noble George Jordon
Imperial Photography Dept.
Noble Walter West
Cashier Imperial Recorder Office
Noble George Wallace
Imperial Deputy of Youth
Noble Cleveland E. Clanton, Jr.
Imperial Security Dept.
Noble Robert Porter
Imperial Assistant Recorder Office
Noble Pembrook Burrows
Imperial Advisor to the Desert
  Noble Kirk Hammond
Imperial I.T. Director & Webmaster

Noble Louis Harper
Director - Membership & Group Supervisionv
Noble Thomas James
Director - Voters Registration
Noble Harley Turner
Director - Charity
Noble Les Miller
Director - National Diabetes Initiative
Noble David Nuby, Jr.
Director - Mentoring
Noble George Wallace, III
Director - Youth Group
Noble Kenny Roberts
Director - Advisor to Daughters
Noble Dale R. Landry
Director - NAACP
Noble Michael Dozier
Desert Lecturer, Education,Training & Development
Director - Public Relations
Noble Les Miller
Director - Student Aid
Noble André Harris
Director - Military and Veterans Affairs