Desert of Florida

Prince Hall Shriners -


Desert of Florida Daughters

Imperial Deputy for the Daughters
Dt. Mary Caldwell-Williams
Malta Court #99 HPIC

Dt. Mary-C-Williams


2016 Illustrious Commandresses & Imperial Deputies for the Oases

Dt. Felicia Y. Williams, IC
Rabia Court #25

Dt. Bridget Haywood-McBride
Imp. Deputy
Dt. Cynthia Mathis, IC
Osiris Court # 70

Dt. Alice West
Imp. Deputy
Dt. Miranda Washington, IC
Masud Court #71

Dt. LaVerne Simmons
Imp. Deputy
Dt. Vickie E. Pittman, IC
Harram Court #96

Dt. Rasheedah Stevenson
Imp. Deputy
Dt. Verlesia McKenzie, IC
Malta Court #99

Dt. Yvonne Minus
Imp. Deputy
Dt. Alberta Tanner, IC
Kazah Court #117

Dt. Paulette Jones
Imp. Deputy
Dt. Fannie C. Bellamy, IC
Ahmed Court #134

Dt. Laureatte Scott
Imp. Deputy
Dt. Sandra Covington, IC
Safia Court #165

Dt. Denise Stewart
Imp. Deputy
Dt. Patti Wright-Lane, IC
Saba Court #172

Dt. Dosica Johnson
Imp. Deputy
Dt. Sharon McCrary, IC
Haggai Court #175

Dt. Tonya Travis
Imp. Deputy
Dt. Janice M. Walbey, IC
Ancient City Court #216

Dt. Valerie Neloms
Imp. Deputy
Dt. Madeleine A. Wilson, IC
Idris Court #220

Dt. Kimberly Davidson
Imp. Deputy