Rabia Temple No. 8

Oasis of Jacksonville

Danny Horton
Illustrious Potentate

PP Stephen Johnson
Deputy of the Oasis

Temple History

To write any part of the history of Rabia Temple No. 8, the early beginning of the Order must be considered also, because Rabia Temple was the eighth Temple established under the authority of the Imperial Council.  Rabia Temple was chartered on January 9, 1894, and re-chartered June 20, 1902.

In 1902, the Order of Nobles was re-established and incorporated by an act of the United States Congress.  When the Imperial Council was re-established, Rabia Temple was there to give all the support possible.  In the beginning, Temple No. 8 was known as Rabia.  It was known and recognized by the name of Union Temple No. 8.  The word Union had a great influence on the Masonic bodies of Florida, where four Grand Bodies in Florida used the title Union.    The name Union met with objections from the Imperial Council because the name Union was not an Arabic name.  Therefore, the name Union was changed to Rabia in 1944.



Meetings:  3rd Thursdays – 7:30PM

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